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Friday, March 12, 2010

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Stu said...

Here, here.

Did you click 'Send'? If so, I wonder what kind of response you'll get (if any)?

By the way Patrick, are you planning to head up to TiNA this year? I'm thinking I will.

Permapoesis said...

thanks. hi stu,

yes i initially posted this second peg, CropLife2, which is a screen grab showing the automated message after sending. monsanto, croplife, coca cola et al often come to our blogs, which we can see via our stat counters, but no dialogue is necessary from them when governments just roll over waiting to be licked by these horrific corporate giants.

not sure about TINA this year. trying to minimise our travel and we already have a biggish project in sydney. am participating in open fields though, which is an adjunct of critical animals held in syd. no doubt youre going? we'll tie this trip in to food forest (mca) stuff and uws research visits.

cldn't find anything on google and licensing stuff on abc 774 site or, surprise surprise, by googling it.

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