Video-poem as edible weeds field guide

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With our recent project in Sydney I think we have achieved what we set out to do in showing how art can itself be a biophysical resource. In this new work, Natural Bitterness, I attempt a similar thing – the poem doubles as video field guide for edible weeds and wild foods abundant in our area this spring.

This poem is dedicated to Alexis Pitsopoulos, our local wild foods expert and cook.


theweedone said...

absolutely gorgeous!
re-blogged it here>

well done Patrick.
So funny to see colder weather vegetation, as that kind of green does not exist in Sydney, over here the plants turn into a darker shade so fast.

loved it,
thanks Patrick

theweedone said...

also, i noticed you were harvesting what it looked like gallium, am i right?
what would you do with it?

Permapoesis said...

yes, Gallium Aparine or cleavers, stickyweed, catchweed or coachweed et al.

"for tea and juice, or rubbed on eczema the aerial shoots".

i'm also cooking it in a soup now with spear thistle stem, sheep sorrel stem and leaves, dock stem and leaves, sow thistle heads and mustard greens gathered this morning. most of these weeds i've noticed in sydney and many of the wild plants down here in the cold south are apparently in the tropics too. being pioneers, they disperse and adapt quickly.

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