The Getting of Anthropogenic Waste

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A number of us have been working pretty hard to organise a trip to Daylesford by Michael Reynolds. He came and gave a workshop on Thursday and a knockout public talk in the town hall that night. Between the workshop and the talk I raced home and put together this footage of the prepwork we volunteers carried out before his arrival and of the workshop itself so as the 300 peeps that came to the town hall in the evening could get a sense of what we had started. One of the local councillors was at the talk and there is word that he is going to pass a motion that this building remain so it can be completed and serve as a demonstration site for experimental building using waste.


Peter Brandis said...

Look fwd to seeing the next piece - I'm wondering if he's coming to Sydney too?

Permapoesis said...

hi peter, here's a link to earthship australia. apparently reynolds is coming back to australia in a year.

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