Sketch – Making a slow text poem, with hyper (hyphae?) text inputs

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Video-sketch: Drawing, singing, yelling, thinking a slow text poem into being with hyper text inputs and world-as-everything mania, this video illustrates a fictional process of writing the first four stanzas of a new slow text mesostic, Step by Step, after the fact. The attempt with a slow text mesostic is to create silence out of industrialisation's hammering, thus utilising John Cage's mesostics as a chance-induced trigger for slow reading.


modern canvas said...

Great video, I enjoyed this!

pop art canvas art said...

Really good video, thank you for sharing it!

Jane said...

Fascinating work, i've never seen anything like this.

sunset art said...

It's truly amazing, great work!

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