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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm participating in a poetry event in NSW today from the low carbon comforts of my central Victorian home, courtesy of Skype.

Of course digital culture is fully supported by industrial technics, so I'm not pretending this participation isn't without its pollutions and abuses. And I'm only guessing that my decline to be flown/driven up to participate in person constitutes a lower footprint, in comparison to using all this technology (including a plasma screen at the event end) to beam me up.

Here's the poster that was produced for this gig, in which the Bundanon Trust designer has taken an excerpt from a statement I wrote in 2004 and laid it over a photograph taken by Heidrun Lohr.

My Fellow panel participants are Yvette Holt, Chris Mansell and James Stuart.


ronnie said...

ha! such serendipity! (of sorts)

next week I hit the road - I'm off to Bryon Bay Writers Festival to be their first ever artist-in-residence... I have NO idea what that entails..... but I do know that the good folk of Northern Rivers writing what-nots are still trying to figure out why I turned down their super generous offer of air flight....)

I've already decided this is the first and last time I'm EVER going to do this whole arteest-in-res thing (its really not me.... I'm a stay at home creek farm girl.... I haven't been away from my sams creek home for more than 4 days since 1995!)

bring on skype and the internet (they may not be perfect - but at least I get to stay at home and in the garden....)

Permapoesis said...

hey ronnie, congrats on yr residency.

wow, since 1995! that's commitment to the local.

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