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Sunday, November 3, 2013

There has been a resurgence of thought about Aboriginal seasonality in these parts. My friend Tanya Loos recently launched in Daylesford her book Six Seasons in the Foothill Forests, which includes a dust jacket that folds out into this very special calendar:

In surmising the six seasons of the Daylesford region Tanya's sources were many and varied, including references from Jaara elder Uncle Brien Nelson. Her book will be launched at Readings Carlton this Wednesday 6 November at 6.30pm. Congratulations Tanya!

Then today, some friends and I went to hear Ros Bandt's Jaara Jaara Seasons, a Bush Sound Performance that took place in the Acoustic Sanctuary in nearby Fryerstown. A few hundred people came to listen. 

I first met Ros a little while back at Jude Perry and Uncle Brien's Bunjil Park where we both took a traditional basket weaving workshop. Today Uncle Brien's son Rick Nelson sang Welcome to Country accompanied by Ron Murray on didgeridoo.

Their short but powerful welcome led us into a diverse environment with diverse weather, bordering on six seasons in one afternoon.

Through multiple instruments and from several amplification points, sound, song and spoken work emerged. People moved through Jaara country, the work physically formed in us. Local birds and falling rain intervened knowingly.

As did a myriad of wild flowers, these particular lilies refusing to be captured as they danced in the wind.

The sound in the bush was restorative and nurturing. It enabled reflection and understanding. It didn't shy away from or disappear colonisation,

but more so provided a place for maturity. After the performance one friend commented that she wanted to get out of doors more often and listen more intently. I agreed and replied how I'm looking forward to living outside for at least the next year.

Congratulations Ros and her fellow performers: Rick Nelson, Ron Murray, Sarah James, Mary Doumany, Le Tuan Hung and Wang Zheng Ting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you for your kind words and gorgeous photos. So glad that you were there. Would it be ok if I use some of these photos for my blog?
I've already put a link to your site. Also, in Jaara Jaara country we have seven seasons not the six of the forest. You'd notice from my CD that it has seven seasons, one season for each movement. - Ros Bandt

Artist as Family said...

thanks ros, for some reason i didn't get this comment come through. apologies. we have been on the road for several months now.

absolutely, please use any pic you wish.

thanks for the mentioning the extra season. the wombat forest is in jaara country too, so i guess there is a discrepancy there between yours and tanya's research. be good to hear what ricky nelson and other jaara folk say. tanya spoke with uncle brien while researching her book, but as you know so much knowledge is broken.

i would be glad to hear of your sources.

thanks again for creating such a beautiful work.


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