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Friday, March 29, 2013

My supervisor/editor, Kate Fagan, received today the first draft of my manuscript Walking for Food: Regaining Permapoesis. After three and a half years the work is by no means over, but it feels like a significant achievement.

First draft, Walking for Food, 2013


Walking a poemline

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artist as Family are planning to walk to Melbourne from our home in Jaara country and we wish to do this respectfully acknowledging the elders and traditional communities of the country through which we slowly travel.

The walk is to celebrate the completion of my manuscript, ‘Walking for Food: Regaining Permapoesis’. My manuscript and AaF's five day walk to Melbourne both attempt to raise issues around food and energy sustainability and environmental ethics. The book heavily quotes Aboriginal voices and sensibilities relating to the respectful treatment of country.

Artist as Family's five day walk to Melbourne 2013

On the fifth day I will present the last chapter of Walking for Food at the poetry symposium, The Real Through Line. This chapter constitutes a letter to Maya Ward regarding her book The Comfort of Water: A River Pilgrimage and critiques the place of writing within a culture of ecological intransigence. 


Excerpts from Dave Jacke's Daylesford talk

Friday, March 15, 2013

Edible forest gardener and permaculturalist, Dave Jacke, came to Daylesford for a brief talk last Wednesday while touring the country giving workshops on temperate climate food forestry.


Edible forest gardens afoot

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poster by Ian Robertson
Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, is coming to Daylesford to speak on Wednesday March 13. Jacke is a permaculture pioneer who has taken the Forest Garden concept beyond it tropical origins showing it can be adapted to temperate climates. This talk is a unique opportunity for local permaculture practitioners and anyone interested in ecological solutions to hear Dave Jacke speak while he is in Central Victoria. More

And, from this week's The Advocate newspaper, more local food forestry plans afoot...

DAYLESFORD will soon boast a five-acre food forest, thanks to a partnership between Daylesford Community Food Gardeners, Daylesford Neighborhood Centre and Daylesford Secondary College. The food forest will be built on permaculture principles and will boast more than 60 species of food producing plants, a poultry system and bees. Daylesford Community Food Gardeners co-ordinator Patrick Jones said the Daylesford Secondary College Council had already approved plans and the project was now seeking funding. The food forest will be planted at Daylesford Secondary College and will be a fifth community garden for Daylesford. Read on.


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