Greenwash #6 in Trouble

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Albatross chick photographed by Chris Jordan.

If you’ve read this column before you will know that I have more than a passing interest in anthropogenic waste – pollution caused by human activity. Is there any other? There are of course nasty toxins and poisons found readily in natural systems but none that systematically diminishes the health of ecosystems and impoverishes food and water supplies like our non-compostable waste.

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Stu said...

For some reason I hadn't made the connection between Chris Jordan's work and your own until now. I remember discovering his stuff a few years ago via a link on Radiohead's site. It was one of those important jolts.

Verification word: deseptur!

Permapoesis said...

cheers stu, i have only recently come across his work. have you discovered the steady state blog? there is a great reading list on the current post.

Stu said...

Thanks Patrick, looks good. Will check it out.

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