Michel Deguy Compost Tea

Monday, October 12, 2009

We're back from our waste gleaning residence in Newcastle, NSW. Our final post on the Artist as Family blog includes a short creative doco called 17 Days that I made using my track "Michel Duguy Compost Tea" where I sing Deguy's poem "O great apposition of the world" rockoperaesque with beats. You can see/hear here –


Peter Minter said...

nice video patrick! i'm glad you guys had fun in newie. i can't recall the name of the poem at the end ... can you remind me?

Permapoesis said...

thanks pete, and thanks for making me look this up:

John Cage, Works For Piano 4, "Works For Calder: II. Film Soundtrack With Narration Burgess Meredith, John Cage and Margaret Leng Tan."

but, I now think this may be burgess meredith's voice narrating... the liner notes need quite some unpacking.

Peter Minter said...

aah! i thought it was a poem, but it is a film. just like your video!


Peter Minter said...

the film is directed by a guy named "Herbert Matter"!

Permapoesis said...

"The film begins with a sun materializing out of the emptiness of space. In the first of three sequences we see various images from nature against music: the sky, trees, leaves, a bird, water, sand, a beach. A little boy wanders along the beach observing the natural world around him. He walks and presently comes to a house and peers inside. The second sequence has no music. The narrator speaks of sculptor Alexander Calder and his work, as we see Calder in his workshop, cutting and creating unusual shapes, and seeing the resultant artworks. The last sequence has music as we view images of Calder's work. However, now they are intercut with images from nature so that we understand that Calder's inspiration is the natural world around him. The film ends as it began, with an image of the sun, now fading into the sky."

nice pete. just copied this from the site you gave; herb matter films processed in circulation...

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