Rain on my brain

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It has been really wet here. I like to think Josh, Ziggy and I had something to do with it. We went into the bush a few days ago and Rain Dance is what we came out with. I guess you'd call this a Peej video clip, but shaking off the stiffness of late winter without spending a dollar is a more accurate description. I'm off to Newcastle tomorrow as one-third of the Artist as Family trio. You can follow our movements by clicking on the AAF link. This music vid is a timely loosen up for a warmer climate – Newcastle NSW, and more generally the planet – a low-carbon, non-specialised, free idiocy. Enjoy!

Thanks to Josh and Ziggy for their added flavour – I set out to do this solo and bumped into Josh beforehand. You can't beat chance! And thanks to Meg for her editing suggestions and general critical eye for loose m'goose activity. You can't beat critique, love and support!


Glen Dunn said...

Ha ha! Ya mad bastards. Love the doop-de-do at the end. x

Permapoesis said...

as i uploaded mr d, i anticipated your very specific way of cacking yrself merrily, after an intense day of teaching, watching this. i hope i didn't fail you in delivering a beer o'clock accompaniment. let's call this little film beer nuts. p

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Im moving up there!!!

So so so so great!
and for the record
your moves sent rain down the city way too-
pretty cool huh!

Permapoesis said...

there's plenty of room in these here parts ec. thanks for the skyward thumbs.

Cath said...

this is great - thanks be you didn't do your dance here as have had wettest summer in Ireland since records began.

Dang, also planning to do forest video with my dog - you scene stealer


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