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Monday, March 8, 2010

On Saturday a few of us adults took 12 boys on a bush adventure for Zeph's birthday. We walked for two and a half hours, stopping to make, observe or find things to collect. One of the activities they were assigned was to collectively build a shelter in ten minutes. The first peg shows the result. At the end of the walk we came across the remnants of a large forest installation I made between 2000 and 2005, where boardwalks and wallaby grass tracks led you through a series of environments subtly altered as physical or biophysical poems.

The type of sedge grass in this forest is the oldest locally living flora. Their origins predate eucalypt forests and are supposedly as ancient as the dinosaurs.


Glen Dunn said...

I remember a birthday when I was about the same age as you Zeph. My folks took me a some friends to the zoo. Phillip, one of my friends, was sitting in the rear passenger seat. Me an three others friends were free-ranging in the back of the station wagon. Phillip got car sick and chucked up his breakfast out the window. I thought it fascinating to study Phillip's breakfast, as it slowly worked it's way past me, in the slip-stream of the outside of the car window. Happy birthday Zeph. X

Permapoesis said...

thanks gd, my old man said to say that phillip's breakfast became an emblem for hyper-anticipatory reclamation of the wild and that obviously the animal's lifestyle park just didn't cut it.

Glen Dunn said...

Thanks Zeph. 'an emblem for hyper-anticipatory reclamation of the wild?!!' Tell your old man that sometimes a chunder joke is just a chunder joke.

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