On being offered a biscuit

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i read the packet’s contents
(over twenty ingredients listed)
and wonder how food
made for supermarkets
remains so cheap
and how this super obfuscation
by those who disregard
the limits to growth
made clear and manifest
from the first unnoticed spore
push on with unbound insistence


Peter O'Mara said...

a certain sharpness, almost to a point...

'the first unnoticed spore'...a highlight!

well resolved.


Permapoesis said...

unnoticed now not noticing now gertrude not now

GBMF-Matt said...

That's quite good. Haven't been by your blog in a while. I'm trying to catch up on what everyone has been writing. I'll have to make a note of this one. Very poignant.

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