Permablitzing on pushies: critical mass goes Daylesford NYE parade

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fifty cyclists turned up for critical mass this month, which landed on NYE, so we joined the annual parade, as we're want to do. Here we are getting ready on the back streets...

Oliver Holmgren is Obtainium Engineering.

St Mel and Leah Rogers as superheroes.

Pia, Brett and Fyfe beside my new bike.

Peak oil Zephyr and mates.

David Holmgren, Su Dennet and wwoofer Gabe as medieval cycle gang.

Nicholas Hansen and Ivan Carter (behind mask).

And then when we were ready, Meg and Zero lead the ride down the main drag.

Thanks Ian for your help with the Artist as Family signs, and thanks Glen for the great pics.


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