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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not sent from a blood minerals dependent iPhone responsible for the deaths, rapes and brutal torture of the Congolese people


ronnie said...

hmmmmmm..... the first thing that entered my head was.... well what DO you use to connect with the bloggy world? (laptop? desktop? other mobile?) what brand/make/year model/ place of manufacture etc etc etc is it? is there indeed an ethical, green manufacturer of computers, mobile phones, printers (insert any other electronic device here)?

Or don't all computers and mobiles use similar components sourced and manufactured in similarly suspicious circumstances?

And irrespective of device - don't the happy little bloggy waves travel along the same countless kilometres (and miles for those in non-metric lands) through fibre optics or get emitted from large steel towers that are dotted all over the countryside (sharing their brain-cancer-causing love with all and sundry?)

I ask this not as a critique of your comment - but with genuine interest....

I'm currently writing about what materials I use within my arts practice (uggggh exegesis writing aint my thang) and I'm getting positively bogged down trying to explain why I use certain things (recycled items, ethically sourced this and that, non-toxic bits.... blah blah blah) and avoid others (paint with mined pigments, solvents, products that make you go hmmmmmmm?) and some of the principles behind my ethos.... but as I'm typing away I'm conscious of how the only way I can avoid contact with 'the unclean' is to stop making and breathing.... both of which would put a dampener on my research project I suspect....

Permapoesis said...

thanks ronnie, you make great comments!

i guess the only thing we can do, other than commit to total abstinence, is not support the corporations who make these products. that they get not one single dollar of our money. the only way to do this is always buy second hand technology, pick it up from tips, op shops or online garage sales, and to treble the amount of time we use these tools for. in our house we do the same with clothes, cooking implements, etc. occasionally something is bought new, but only if we know it will last the test of time.

true, we are still using these products from industrial culture as we transition away from such reliances, but we are not fueling the need for more and more stuff, we are using the wastes of an extremely wasteful culture.

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