An essay that includes excerpts from my interview with David Holmgren

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How permaculture and non-monetary economies are part of the solution to the problem of capitalism. Feature article by Patrick Jones in Arena: The Australian Magazine of Left Political, Social and Cultural Commentary, No. 119. August 2012


Maureen Brannan said...

Synchronistically, I posted this comment re a call to sign a petition to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that heralds Big Business' final push to control world governments, on the same day that I heard your interveiw on Radio National - I'm so glad to have found such an eloquent spokesman for humanity's 'rise like lions from their slumber in unvanquishable number'!

Well, we’ve known the NWO was coming for a very long time – now at last they are exposing themselves. I won’t be signing it, this is the very thing that has the potential to catalyse and unite REAL people everywhere when they see how enmeshed and complicit their governments are with soulless Big Business, and free themselves at last by becoming self-reliant in grassroots communities, where there’s no such thing as ‘unemployment’ (everyone participates in looking after each other and their local environment), no such thing as ‘disability’ (rather people overcoming adversity by becoming extraordinarily-abled), no such thing as ‘poverty’ (people will be enriched beyond belief in the ‘knowledge economy’, which reached its apogee with the Aborigines - the great myth that accumulating $$$ makes you ‘wealthy’ will be finally shattered) ... I could go on ad infinitum. So I say ‘bring it on’ and lets ‘Come Together’ like the great John Lennon called on us to do, and put an end to the insanities and evils of the industrial/military complex that has had our minds imprisoned for so long.

Permapoesis said...

great comment maureen, and some shelley too for good measure...

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