What's wrong with industry-funded science?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here's the latest:

In California right now, due to twenty years of GMO ill health in the US, people are demanding their food is labelled so as they can avoid GMOs in their diet. If the vote is YES, this will set a precedent in the US and send a strong message to the biotech industry that the public don't want their Frankenscience technology. 

However, pesticide giants and junk food playmates Coke and Pepsi are throwing millions at a campaign to persuade people otherwise.

MapLight analysis of California Secretary of State data
In Australia we must continue to apply the pressure on governments to disengage with these criminal companies that are knowingly promulgating illness and harm. Biotech agribusiness will never feed the world, only make it less well.


Permapoesis said...

Sadly very big business with their multimillion dollar ad campaign won the right to not label their toxic foods. Perhaps we need to fight towards an ad-free world, because afterall if something is advertised it is more than likely causing significant damage in the world.

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