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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A number of us have been working on developing the fifth community food garden, the Daylesford Secondary College Food Forest, since June this year. Yesterday we signed an agreement with the school to begin work on it in 2013.

Drawing: Patrick Jones (click for bigger)

You can read more about the project here


ronnie said...

fantastic! I'm heartened by the tales of community support for projects like these - ahhhhhh if only we could get all the various interested parties to share a vision for the future up thisa way --- our community is keen, but the 'authorities' are obstructionists (to put it nicely) ..... ahhh well - ONWARD!

glen Dunn said...

Four acres! Looks heaps swell. Do I read this right, 'Former Clay Pigeon area' ... in a school? x

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