Animals – us, them and usthem

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Saturday morning I was woken by an ABC radio producer and a minute later I was on air spruiking for a series of lectures on animals that Melbourne Free University are hosting throughout May.

Here's the brief, rather sleepy radio interview with Hilary Harper regarding my Week 6 (May 30) talk concerning the accountable killing of animals.

The central question I am pursuing in my talk is how do we reclaim an ethico-animal accountability in an era of pacifist-sanctioned corporatism? In the way in which we kill or have others kill for our resources (whether we be vegan, vegetarian or omnivore) how do we move from mass-death industrialism to one-on-one ecological killing? How do we 'fess up to being creatures again; 'fess up to being both predators and prey in a highly abstracted and ecologically estranged culture?


Helen Addison-Smith said...

Great stuff! I'll be there.

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