Ecological carrying capacity (or, it's all about storage and limits)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working on some energy descent era technics today building a crate to go on a bike trailer that fellow bike nut Andy (Mechanarchy) did up for us.

When we gave the trailer to Andy it was a write-off. It is now a fully functional trailer that apparently dates back to the 1920s. Thanks Andy!

The crate will have a base and some internal boarding, however I want to keep it as light as possible. We will collect animal manures, firewood and compost material in it, and eventually...

a little one of us, for this is our family wagon as well. Meg is now thirty-three weeks up the duff and we're looking forward to a home-birth.

Earlier today we strapped our shoe basket onto the trailer and headed to the town hall where Meg conducted a free sauerkraut workshop with around twenty participants. Our cellar (another post-pollution technic) is loaded with breast-feeding stout, garlic, potatoes, artichokes, jams, chutney and wild ferments.

Carbon pollution is as much to do with our food supply system as it is our modes of transport, that's why both need attending to in equal weight.


Helen said...

Nice box.

Did you ever think about using bamboo for the bike trailer? It's light and strong and grows everywhere around here, anyways.

Glen Dunn said...

Nice one P. Love the proportions. You still got an eye for composition. x

Permapoesis said...

thanks jill and helen!

and thanks glen, yes i still very much value composition, it is probably a good place for ethics and aesthetics to meet, esp concerning a bike trailer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick. Sometimes a bike trailer is just a bike trailer... Like whistling a tune... Nice tune P.


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