Wombat Forest and its waters under threat of gold mining contamination

Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's not beat about the bush, gold mining is an activity of industrial pollution.

Fight for what brings love and against that which causes damage!


ronnie said...

ahhhhhh so the rapacious bastards are spreading their love in your neck of the woods too .... about 18 months ago a long flying mining survey plane scanned our district (if swearing alone could have brought the thing to the ground.... well I don't need to finish the picture wot? I did consider whether a citrus sling shot may have been able to breach the cockpit.... they WERE very low so I think my chances would have been good...)

well it turns out the planes struck gold in them thar hills and subsequently at least 6 exploration licenses have been granted (if swearing alone..... oh that's right I've been there already)

I'll growl instead grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Permapoesis said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for your comments and commiserations for your predicament. I think there has to be a societal shift about mining in general, starting first with those minerals that have no social benefits whatsoever.

Does extracting gold in any case have a net societal benefit? Ecosystems of course do, that is if we understand anything at all about how the world works. Ecological services, outside of monetary economies and their pollutants, offer life free of charge. Clean water, soil and air and a stable climate is all we need to live, to grow food, collect energy and drink health giving water. When a volcano, meteorite or tsunami trashes the planet we have to say, OK, this is bad but there is actually nothing we can do about it. When humans trash the planet we have to say, NO! This is unacceptable. Mining is a great interruption to life engineered by industrial era greed. Water and forests are sacrosanct. Gold mining is nothing other than corruption of the human spirit.

(PS. Apparently there were 250 peeps at the meeting, not 450, which I thought I heard quoted yesterday. This of course changes nothing. The community is outraged by this license).

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