Black market, liquid gold (or, nabbing a hive for honey money?)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Huh, the propaganda of banks is priceless! They have been whingeing for a while about the growth of the household and community economies (lumping these virtuous economies in with the black market), and have even pressured governments to "crack down". 

What's remarkable about the below NAB ad is the bank's blatant double standards. Bees produce all their gold by freely foraging non-monetised flowers in a 5-7 km radius of their hive. Isn't it just a case of double-standards to whinge about the growth of bank-less economies (as what Artist as Family is developing where honey is just one currency in a dynamic gift economy), and at the same time promote the foraging commons as being "more than money?" You can't have your cake and eat it too, NAB, or are you once again just trying to rob a hivelyhood?

I took this pic in Melbourne yesterday on my way to speak to RMIT students about, among other things, building a waste-free, moneyless society

Newspaper by 2008

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